Last Updated: 22/07/2021

Please remember to follow the Scout Association guidance and please don’t forget to read our general site rules before planning your visit.

Keep it local, keep it simple

Bookings only considered from visitors travelling no longer than one hour away

Social Distancing

Social distancing rules still apply in poorly ventilated buildings (note: any requirements by facilities and external providers must be followed).

Designated areas will be allocated to groups by the booking secretary on availability and groups planned programme.

Use of Huts

Scout Association rules apply

Buildings are in operation but only 6 per dorm.

Social distancing in the main areas for meetings and social distancing still in place indoors.

Strict effective cleaning must be planned into programme.

Ventilation in the buildings must be priority when using.

Masks required in reduced ventilated areas and social distancing reduced from 2 meters.

If not cleaned to the required standard when you leave, an extra charge will be sent to cover a professional clean.


Camping / tent rules are the same as before, we will be vigilant on this on the booking form and on random site visits by warden or booking secretary at any time through your visit.

Lateral flow testing. Before group leaves and every 48 – 72 hours throughout the trip (over 11’s only) including adults.

Don’t fill tents to maximum capacity. We suggest two thirds occupancy, or use a four man tent for 2 people with bags in the centre.

Ventilate extensively daily. Try to ensure air flow through overnight in all but the worst weather, eg: by opening vents. Warn campers that they may need to take another layer of bedding or nightwear.

Encourage head to toe sleeping to keep heads wider apart overnight.

Avoid using sleeping accommodation for social activities, take a shelter which allows for a covered space if the weather is bad.

Consider grouping siblings together and people from the same school bubbles.

Toilets / Shower Block

Toilets and showers will continue to be the unisex system already in place, until further notice. This system has proved to be effective and has helped with management of cleaning and reduced risk.

One block will be allocated per section or group. (If you require use of the disabled facilities, please note this on your booking, so we can allocate accordingly.)

One person at a time

Groups risk assessment for managing this will be requested.

Any groups found not managing toilets or showers to standard will be asked to leave the site immediately. A charge for a professional clean will be sent to the group.

Showers must be cleaned down effectively by the group between use and kept well ventilated at all times.

Windows open at all times for aerosol reduction, external toilet door left open to help keep the building well ventilated at all times.