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Les Burt Hut

Open plan wooden building. It has background heating and is supplied with cold water to the sink units. The hut is supplied with tables, chairs and benches. Along with a well equipped kitchen area.

John Perry Hut

Fully insulated wooden building. Divided into a main hall, along with a separate kitchen. Sleeping accommodation made up of two leaders rooms and a large bunk room. Entrance hallway for outdoor gear storage and drying.


Spitewinter has four acres of sloping woodland, with several camping areas. These areas differ in size, suitable for pack, patrol or troop camping. It is also ideal for backpackers and expedition work.

The Perfect Pitch

We have a variety of camping areas to suit your needs

Backpackers & Expedition work
Pack & Troop Camping
Patrol Camping
Survival Skills

To help keep everyone safe, please adhere to Scout Association Guidance.