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Derbyshire Scout Bike Team

Scout Active Support Unit

What’s on offer 

Made up of Explorers, Network Members and Leaders from around Derbyshire, the Bike Active Support Unit is a team of experienced cyclists offering a range of bike related activities for members aged 8 and upwards. The team offers day long sessions covering a range of cycling activities which can give young people more confidence and inspire them to ride bigger and more challenging routes. With safety equipment and a selection of bikes available, the sessions can make full use of the exciting new mountain bike track located at Drum Hill Campsite or come directly to you. 


Each session contains the following elements: 

• Safety and Maintenance Sessions 

• Mountain Bike Coaching 

• Guided Rides 

Activity Badges 

The team can also support the requirements of the Cub, Scout and Explorer Cycling related Activity Badges. 

Derbyshire Scout Bushcraft Team

Scout Active Support Unit

What’s on offer 

Founded at Activation 2017, the Derbyshire Bushcraft Team aim to provide a range of Bushcraft skill sessions to Scouts of all ages. 

The team currently deliver activities at County and District events, with the intent to roll out 


The Bushcraft SASU are able to offer sessions on: 

• Fire lighting using a range of techniques including fire steels, wire wool & solar fire starters 

• Instruction Knife and Axe Skills 

• Water purification 

Derbyshire Scout Caving Team

Scout Active Support Unit

What’s on offer 

The Derbyshire Caving SASU offer evening and weekend experiences for all age groups. The team design and adapt each individual caving trip to the participant’s ability or group’s requirements meaning they can cater for all ages, fitness levels and disabilities. 

The SASU has an experienced team of instructors who can provide trips on weekday evenings or weekends. All safety equipment is provided including an oversuit, helmet, light and climbing harness. If you don’t fancy it yourself, there is no requirement for your Leaders to come on the trip, though you are more than welcome! 

Beavers & Cubs 

The team can offer sessions at your meeting place which include a PowerPoint presentation, caving games and a show-and-tell of specialist caving and mine exploration equipment. They are also able to offer caving trips for Cub Packs; This will generally be a simple mine exploration trip where the Cubs explore a local lead mine and hear about the various mining techniques and rock formations. 

Scouts, Explorers & Network 

The SASU run caving trips for all abilities in the Matlock area or further north around Stoney Middleton. Trips can range from simple walks through mines to more extreme vertical ladder climbing trips for those budding cavers among your troop. For Explorers and Network, the team can run more advanced trips with longer duration and more challenges. 

Derbyshire Scout Climbing Team

Scout Active Support Unit

What’s on offer 

The Derbyshire Climbing Scout Active Support Unit offers a selection of rope based activities throughout Derbyshire. The team of skilled instructors are able to run both indoor and outdoor sessions with all specialist equipment provided. From the youngest Beaver to the oldest Leader, the Climbing SASU hopes to offer an exciting experience for Scout Members of any age. 

Available Activities

  • Indoor Climbing
  • Outdoor Climbing
  • Abseiling
  • Crate Stacking
  • Assessments for Climbing Permits
  • Training

Derbyshire Creative

Scout Active Support Unit

What’s on offer 

The Derbyshire Creative Active Support Unit (CASU) offers a selection of creative activities for all sections. A team of skilled instructors can offer day, part-day or evening sessions in a wide variety of creative activities. 

Available activities include 

• Seasonal crafts 

• Pyrography 

• Puppets 

• Paracord, Rope craft 

• Paper crafts and 3D cards 

• Painting techniques 

• And many, many more fun activities 

Derbyshire Fencing

Scout Active Support Unit

What’s on offer 

Foil Fencing helps develop muscle strength, coordination, flexibility and is fondly known as “physical chess” because it’s a sport that engages both mind and body. 

The Foil Fencing Team consists of a GB Core Coach Qualified Instructor and other team members. The team can offer evening or weekend sessions at your HQ or even at your camps! 


Sessions include the following: 

• Reaction related activities 

• Safety briefing on all equipment used 

• Full instructions on stance, movement and etiquette 


Fencing sessions can be credited towards a number of different badges including the following: 

• Adventure Challenge Award (All sections) 

• Master-at-arms Activity Badge (Scouts) 

• Physical Recreation Activity Badge (Explorers) 

Derbyshire Hill Walking

Scout Active Support Unit

What’s on offer 

With a dedicated team of walking enthusiasts, the Derbyshire Hill Walking SASU aid groups looking to improve their navigation skills. The team offer advice for Leaders and Scouts of all ages who are planning to take part in walking activities and can provide routes within Derbyshire for all experience levels. 

The instructors are also able to offer ideas for games and activities to help cover topics such as map & compass, Geocaching and GPS. With this the SASU hopes to build the confidence of young people and Leaders to prepare them for outdoor experiences. 

Available Support

  • GPS Training
  • Geocaching
  • Map & compass skills
  • T1/T2 walks

Training Opportunities 

The team also organise Basic Navigation, as well as Terrain 1 (T1) and Terrain 2 (T2) training courses for leaders, groups and individuals. Contact the team for further information. 

Derbyshire Pioneering

Scout Active Support Unit

What’s on offer 

The Pioneering SASU offers Scout Groups the opportunity to take part in large and small pioneering projects. 

The instructors will encourage young people from all sections to work as a team on both indoor & outdoor projects with all the equipment provided at a location of your choice. 

Example Projects 

• Mini raft building with canes, pop bottles and string 

• Catapults with broom handles, 5mm lashings and plastic bowls 

• Larger projects including towers, gateways, bridges, trebuchets 

The team can also help all participants to learn knots, lashings & rope handling skills. 

Derbyshire Sailing

Scout Active Support Unit

What’s on offer 

Derbyshire Scout Sailing Team is based at Carsington Sailing Club and offers courses for RYA stages 1-3 as well as fun taster sessions to all age groups. 

The team is able to cater for all experience levels and provide sessions that both introduce young people to the exciting sport of sailing and develop their skills through to the point at which they are competent to sail independently. 


Sessions completed with the Scout Sailing Team can be credited towards the following badges: 

• Sailing Staged Activity Badges 1-3 

• Nautical Skills Activity Badges 1-2 

• Time on the Water Staged Activity Badges 

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